Preference center

Manage Contact preferences

When managing a Contact in Mautic, you have the ability to customize their communication preferences. To access the Contact’s Preference Center, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Contact’s profile - To access a Contact’s profile, navigate to the Contacts section in Mautic and click the desired Contact’s name.

  2. Access the Preference Center - Once you are viewing the Contact’s profile, locate the dropdown menu and click the Preferences option. A new modal window appears with various customization options.

In the Preference Center, you find three main tabs:

  • Channels and Frequency - This tab allows you to set the preferred Channels for communicating with the Contact and how often they should receive messages. You can also pause communication for a specified period if needed.

  • Categories - In this tab, you have the option to add or remove the Contact from global Categories used in Emails or other marketing materials. This helps to ensure that the Contact only receives content relevant to their interests.

  • Segments - The third tab enables you to add or remove the Contact from specific Segments they belong to. This is useful for refining your audience and targeting Contacts based on their behavior, preferences, or other attributes.

Preferred Channels and frequency

Screenshot of Preference

In this window you can switch Channels of communication, set the frequency of the communication via each Channel enabled, and set one of the Channels as a preferred Channel.

To prevent communications through a Channel, remove the select next to the Channel name in the first column. This sets a Do Not Contact (DNC entry) for only that Channel.

When selecting a Channel, Mautic uses this to send Marketing Messages if there is a message set for any of the Channels selected. You can also set the frequency of the communication, as in this example the set frequency is “Send Emails twice a day” but to pause them between November 1 2022 and November 30 2022. Email is also set as the preferred Channel, so if the Marketing Message has the same message for both Email and SMS, it only sends the Email version of the message to the selected Contact

Contact Categories

Screenshot of Categories

Use the Categories tab to add or remove a Contact from a global Category. Mautic uses Global Categories in areas like Emails, Text Messages and, Campaigns. In combination with the Subscribed Categories Segment filter, Contacts can opt out of categorized communications.

Contact Segments

Screenshot of Segments

Use the Segments tab to add or remove a Contact from a Segment. Segments are a source for both starting Campaigns and sending Emails. Any Contact in a particular Segment is automatically part of a Campaign that has that Segment as the source. You can also use a standalone Email to manually send an Email to a Segment. If a User has opted out of a Segment they no longer receive Campaign actions or messages sent to that Segment.

Contact’s unsubscribe Email preferences

Screenshot of Email unsubscribe

You can customize the unsubscribe page to display a Contact’s preferences by adjusting the Email configuration settings in Mautic. This allows Contacts to manage their preferences when they unsubscribe, instead of being directly unsubscribed. Follow these steps:

  1. In the left sidebar, click the gear icon to access the Configuration menu.

  2. Navigate to the Email Settings tab.

  3. Look for the “Show Contact Preference Settings” option and select the box to enable it. This displays Contact preferences on the unsubscribe page, allowing Contacts to manage their subscription settings.

  4. Additionally, you can choose to hide or show different Segments in the User preferences by adjusting the corresponding settings.

Please note that if you turn off any of these options in the global settings, they won’t appear on the Contact’s personal preferences page. When the preference setting option is turn off, Mautic shows the default unsubscribe message, and the Contact gets directly unsubscribed without the ability to manage their preferences.

Screenshot of Unsubscribe

Customize Preference Center

It’s possible to customize the personal Preference Center/unsubscribe page, edit text labels, format, and apply Themes using the Landing Page builder.

Creating a Preference Center Landing Page

When creating/editing a Landing Page, there is a toggle switch labeled Is Preference Center. If selected, Mautic marks the Page as a Preference Center Landing Page, making available the appropriate tokens.

When configured as a Preference Center in a Mautic Email, Mautic automatically directs recipients to this Preference Center when clicking on the {unsubscribe_url} link. It also shows or hides the Preference Center slots in the Builder.

Screenshot of Preference Center switch on a Landing Page

Preference tokens

You can use Preference Center Landing Page tokens to insert the different slots. These are available as tokens in the editor in the GrapesJS Builder.

Screenshot of Preference Center tokens in editor

See the Variables documentation for a full list of tokens available for use with a Preference Center.

In addition, add a Save preferences button if you wish to save the preferences, otherwise the Contact can’t save their preferences:

Save your changes, and the Preference Center Landing Page is ready.

Accessing Preference Center Pages

Now in the Landing Pages list, the icon with the cog icon indicates that the Page is a Preference Center.

Screenshot of Preference Center showing icon to denote a Preference Center

When viewing a Preference Center Page, there is a header indicating its purpose and the Page URL isn’t available, only the preview URL.

Screenshot of Preference Center with the preview URL only

Setting Preference Center Pages in Emails

When creating or editing an Email, you can select the Preference Center Page from the list as shown:

Screenshot of Preference Center select box when creating an Email

Keep in mind that your mail must use the same language as the Preference Center landing page - if not, Mautic shows the default Preference Center.

Now when sending the Email, all recipients can click the Unsubscribe link provided in the {unsubscribe_text} and {unsubscribe_url} variables, taking them to the new Preference Center.

Screenshot of Preference Center as a Contact

If you don’t select a Preference Center in an Email, Mautic uses the default Preference Center styled with the default Theme.

Screenshot of Unsubscribe