Stages Overview

Stages is a way to define the lifecycle of a contact. Create stages based on your marketing stages, and move your contacts from stage to stage.

Creating/Managing a Stage

To create a new stage, go to the stages menu identified by a tachometer. Click on the new button and fill in with you relevant data.

Notice Mautic uses 'weight' for stages, this is a way to balance your contact's stages. When moving contacts from stage to stage, this will make sure a contact doesn't go back to previous stages.

Moving Contact's from stage to stage

Use a campaign to move your contacts from stage to stage. When creating your campaign choose a Move Contact to Stage action. So if a contact has been sent an email, or has opened an email, you can select to change the contact's stage based on any campaign criteria.

Contact's Lifecycle

Create a lifecycle widget in your dashboard based on segments to also view what stages contacts are in.

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