Installing from GitHub

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Cloning Mautic from GitHub

When working with Mautic in a testing environment, or contributing to Mautic, it's important to have all the files locally - including automated tests - from the GitHub repository, many of which the production build process excludes.

You should consider installing the GitHub Command Line Interface (CLI) tool, as it makes the process much simpler.

Create a personal fork

Before you start working with Mautic, you must create a personal fork of Mautic. This functions as a parallel copy of the Mautic codebase where you can create working areas - known as branches - and then make a Pull Request to have your changes merged into the main Mautic repository.

To make a personal fork, click 'Fork' at the top right of the page on the Mautic GitHub repository.

If you already have a fork, you can click to go there directly. If you don't, there is an option to create a fork.

Please always choose to fork into a personal account rather than an organization. The latter prevents Mautic's maintainers from working with your Pull Request.

Clone your personal fork

Click the green 'code' button when the fork is complete to access the command for cloning the repository. Using the GitHub CLI tool this is in the format:

gh repo clone username/mautic

Switch to your terminal, and when in the directory where you wish to install Mautic, paste the command.

Install Mautic

Using DDEV

If you use DDEV - recommended for testing and development with Mautic - you can now change into the Mautic directory and kick off the DDEV quickstart using the command:

ddev start

This spins up a DDEV instance - by default at - and also gives the option to set up Mautic ready for you to use. This runs through the composer install process, and installs Mautic at the command line with a default username of admin and password of mautic.

Using a localhost environment

If you prefer not to use DDEV, the configuration steps are as follows:

  1. Run composer install to install the required dependencies
  2. Complete the installation process either in the web interface, or at the command line - see Installing Mautic.

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