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Mautic - SugarCRM plugin

Bi-directional sync. has been added in Mautic 2.8.0, this plugin can push a contact to SugarCRM when a contact makes some action (SugarCRM 6 Community & 7.x) or if updated (SugarCRM 6 Community). It can also pull leads, contacts and companies from SugarCRM (SugarCRM 6 Community). If you don't have the SugarCRM account yet, create it.


SSL. Your Mautic instance has to run on HTTPS. SugarCRM will not allow you to synchronize with an application in HTTP.

Get the SugarCRM client credentials

To enable the SugarCRM plugin, you’ll need to get API credential (Oauth keys) from your SugarCRM account (public and private key) and a valid username and password.

Configure the Mautic SugarCRM plugin

  1. Insert the keys to the Mautic SugarCRM plugin and authorize it.
  2. Configure the features you want to enable
  3. Configure the field mapping for contacts
  4. Configure the field mapping for companies
  5. Save and close the configuration panel


Enabled features:

  • You can push contacts to the integration anytime the contact is created/modified by checking the “push contacts to the integration” checkbox.
  • You can push contacts to the integration only when the contact go through a “push contacts to the integration” action in campaigns, forms and point triggers by uncheck the “push contacts to the integration” checkbox.
  • You can pull records from integration
  • You can select which type of records you want to push/pull to/from SugarCRM: Leads, Contacts and Companies.
  • You can synchronize contact owner between SugarCRM and Mautic
  • You can select which Contacts/Leads/Companies field values you want to synchronize.
  • Select a priority in terms of data when the targeted field is already mentioned with a value.

Command line script to push/pull records to/from SugarCRM

To synchronize records from/to SugarCRM you need to use a command from CLI. Use this command:

  • php bin/console mautic:integration:fetchleads

To push activities of synchronized contacts from Mautic to CRM use the following command:

  • php bin/console mautic:integration:pushleadactivity

Parameters both commands take:

  • --time-interval This parameter is used to setup the amount of time we want to pull records from. Possible entries: "10 days", "1 day", "10 minutes", "1 minute". Maximum time interval "29 days". Default for both commands is “15 minutes”.
  • --integration=Sugarcrm to use with SugarCRM integration. In future this command may be used for other integrations. Parameter specific to php bin/console mautic:integration:fetchleads
  • --fetch-all To synchronize all contacts to and from integration. Preferably, use this command only after installation.

These commands may be used for other integrations.

Do Not Contact integration

Enable option Update emails Do Not Contact on plugins features tab allow:

  • Sugar CRM to Mautic - sync just unsubscribed status to Mautic due Sugar CRM api limitations
  • Mautic to Sugar CRM - sync both unsubscribed and bounced status

Test the plugin

Follow these steps to test the integration.


This feature has been developed by @Webmecanikand @canal-web.

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