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iContact integration

Mautic can push contacts to iContact based on Contact actions or Point Triggers.


In this document, there may be references to outdated terminology such as

  • leads,
  • lists or lead lists, and
  • anonymous leads

In Mautic version 1.4,

  • leads were renamed to contacts
  • lead lists were renamed to segments
  • anonymous leads were renamed to visitors


In order to connect your iContact account with Mautic, you'll have to create an iContact APP.

Follow the tutorial to create your iContact APP.

When you have your APP created, you should be able to see this screen:

iContact - create a App Key

Configure the plugin

  1. Fill in the new credentials for Mautic - iContact integration:

    • APP ID = the Application ID you created
    • APP username = the email you use to log into your iContact account. (Not the APP name)
    • APP password = The password chosen when saving the APP.

    iContact - authoriztion

  2. Navigate to the Features tab in the plugin configuration modal box.

    1. Select the iContact Segment where the Mautic Contacts should be pushed into.

      There should be one Segment created by default.

    2. In the Features tab select Push contacts to this integration checkbox.

    It is checked by default. If you uncheck it, the plugin will not push contacts to iContact any more.

  3. Configure the field mapping.

  4. Save the plugin configuration.

Test the plugin

Follow these steps to test the integration.

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