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Mautic - HubSpot CRM plugin

Mautic can push contacts to HubSpot CRM based on Contact actions or Point Triggers.

HubSpot API key

  1. Create a HubSpot CRM account if you don't have one already.

  2. Visit to generate your HubSpot API key.

Configure the HubSpot CRM plugin

Note Do not publish the plugin until all steps are completed

  1. Open the HubSpot Plugin configuration

    • Paste the API key into the HubSpot API key input field.
  2. Configure the Feature Specific Settings to determine whether Contacts, Companies or both should be synchronised from HubSpot.

  3. Save and close, then edit the plugin to configure the field mapping.

It is checked by default. If you uncheck it, the plugin will not push contacts to Hubspot CRM any more.

  1. Configure the field mapping.

  2. Save the plugin configuration.

    • If you want to use the plugin, set the Publish switch to Yes. Only do this when you have fully configured the plugin settings.

    Hubspot CRM Plugin configuration

  3. Set up the cron job if you have not already configured it.

Script to configure in your cron job: php $PATH_TO_MAUTIC_DIRECTORY/bin/console mautic:integration:fetchleads --integration=Hubspot --fetch-all

Test the plugin

Follow these steps to test the integration.


If the contact has not been created, ensure the email address you tested with is valid. Hubspot will only create a new contact when the email address is valid.

Note, despite --fetch-all flag, the Hubspot API endpoints used in Mautic primarily leverage the following endpoints:

  • /companies/v2/companies/recent/modified/
  • /contactslistseg/v1/lists/recently_updated/contacts/recent

If you intend to do a full sync of your hubspot contacts/leads, you will need to modify an attribute of each of them so that they appear in Hubspot's recent/modified endpoints. By default, these endpoints just pull contects that have been modified in the last 30 days resulting in an incomplete sync if you are connecting to a long living Hubspot instance. source


This plugin had been developed by @gpassarelli.

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