Mautic - Hubspot CRM plugin

Mautic can push contacts to Hubspot CRM based on Contact actions or Point Triggers.


In this document, there may be references to outdated terminology such as

  • leads,
  • lists or lead lists, and
  • anonymous leads

In Mautic version 1.4,

  • leads were renamed to contacts
  • lead lists were renamed to segments
  • anonymous leads were renamed to visitors

Hubspot API key

Visit to generate your Hubspot API key.

Configure the Hubspot CRM plugin

  1. Create a Hubspot CRM account if you don't have one already.

  2. Open the Hubspot Plugin configuration

    • Paste the API key into the Hubspot API key input field.

    • If you want to use the plugin, set the Publish switch to Yes. Hubspot CRM Plugin configuration
  3. In the Features tab select Push contacts to this integration checkbox.

    It is checked by default. If you uncheck it, the plugin will not push contacts to Hubspot CRM any more.

  4. Configure the field mapping.

  5. Save the plugin configuration.

Test the plugin

Follow these steps to test the integration.


If the contact has not been created, ensure the email address you tested with is valid. Hubspot will only create a new contact when the email address is valid.


This plugin had been developed by @gpassarelli.

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