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GMail Plugin for Mautic

This plugin allows for the Mautic Helper Chrome Extension to keep track of emails sent to leads from within GMail.


Configure the plugin

  1. Install the Mautic plugin as usual. It will appear on the plugins page in Mautic. image

  2. Click on the GMail plugin button and enter a secret or key to validate the Mautic Helper Chrome Extension image

  3. Install the Mautic Helper Chrome Extension from the Chrome Web Store image

  4. Configure the extension using the options page that will automatically be displayed. (Remember to use the same secret you entered in Mautic) image

  5. On the Chrome browser there will be a button that will notify of new events on the contacts timeline. image

  6. To track an email sent to a lead, click the Track Email button on the Compose window in GMail image

  7. This will append a tracking GIF to the email with the following syntax: [[MAUTIC_URL]]/index.php/gmail/tracking.gif?d=H4sIAAAAAAAEAIVRTW%2FCMAz9LRyCtgNVlFBpHHroWsRuk8ak7RpaUzqaGCUp0H8%2Fpy0TH4dJUZy892w921uLOvkCa8BGK2WLWi2dt6pUbM7PYPEcFainoFXdJKdBVvUy4quA9rxrNz9Q%2BCQ16HdgmeAenKewpfIU3lvfIO6nGyy75HNXO8LQAN3984R2X5tqMpkwnjOejrfg19%2FBJIHBJsskS3M1MOvOedChUA5HaPBAsp54a7UyBH%2BAw9YWECRrsMc6PHvFd2iR0NfW1QbcjUDwMjhctYqqq0YxkQU6SqMhNxi85GeoD8p0134zaBom%2By4ezlPMxTPFeCH5TLzI%2BdgizeEu5aIUQixmIubjSG5WAY8bC8kyC%2FvxSBX%2Flcvl3bT%2Fvr8k1oBgIQIAAA%3D%3D&sig=cf078d5b

  8. The Mautic plugin will then validate the information using the secret to compare signatures and then attach that email to the contact’s profile as part of their activity history. If the lead or leads don't exist, they are created automatically image

URL Parameter Length Issue

Please note that PHP setups with the suhosin patch installed will have a default limit of 512 characters for get parameters.

Although bad practice, most browsers (including IE) supports URLs up to around 2000 characters, while Apache has a default of 8000.

To add support for long parameters with suhosin add the following to php.ini:

suhosin.get.max_value_length = 5000

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