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The plugins pull data from Mautic and push data to Mautic from these products:

  • GotoMeeting
  • GotoWebinar
  • GotoTraining
  • GoToAssist


  1. Create registrants in GoToWebinar and GoToTraining based on Campaign decisions, Contact data and also from registration Forms in Mautic
  2. Use registrant and attendee information in Segments (filters), Forms and Campaigns (actions and decisions).
  3. Display GoToWebinar and GoToTraining attendance as an additional activity on the Contact timeline
  4. Send emails with buttons to start GoToMeeting, GoToTraining and GoToAssist sessions

Plugin activation instructions


These examples use GoToMeeting and GoToWebinar, but it's the same for GoToTraining and GoToAssist

  1. Enable the plugins you need

Citrix plugins

  1. Activate the plugins with the Citrix Developer API keys



New integrations


New filters

New Segment filters will be available

new segment filters

  • Past GoToProduct sessions will be available to choose from

past sessions available


New fields

New Form fields will be available

new form fields

  • The fields will display the available events for each product

  • The Form will validate that the mandatory fields are present

form fields

New actions

New Form actions will also be available

new form actions

  • Each action will permit to select a single event or let the user select from the form.

  • They also include fields to map to obligatory lead fields

form field mapping

Form examples

User selects an event from a list
  • Select event

select event from list

  • Form submitted

form submitted

Send Start button link

The Send Link actions require an email object with a Token to insert the link of the event. The available tokens are shown.

send link action


New Campaign conditions

New Campaign actions will be available

  • New conditions for registered and attended contacts

campaign condition

New Campaign actions

New Campaign actions will be available

  • Select the event and the email template to send (if applicable)

campaign action

Campaign examples

Send a webinar start link to registered Contact

This is an example of a Campaign that:

  • includes Contacts from a source Segment
  • identifies Contact as having registered for a webinar
  • sends a start link to event Preliminary Meeting

campaign send start link

  • The email with the link (that was injected with the Token) is viewed in the browser

email with start meeting link

  • When the contact clicks on the link, it redirects to GoToMeeting to start the meeting

start meeting


Contact timeline

New events appear in the Contact's timeline

contact timeline

Contact examples

Attended webinar

This is an example of a webinar where the contact attended.

attend webinar

When the cron job that synchronizes the data runs, it retrieves the new state of the contact and the data is visible on the timeline as an attended event

contact timeline

Synchronize events data cron job

The cron job to synchronize the events is

php bin/console mautic:citrix:sync

    mautic:citrix:sync [options]

    -p, --product[=PRODUCT]  Product to sync (webinar, meeting, training, assist)
    -i, --id[=ID]            The id of an individual registration to sync

Update: Join GoToWebinar button token

Follow these steps to include a GoToWebinar Join Button in a Segment email:

  1. Create a webinar in the GotoWebinar website

  2. Create a new contact and use the email address to register for the new webinar

  3. Run the Citrix Sync console command: php bin/console mautic:citrix:sync so that the webinar information is retrieved to the database.

  4. Create a Segment with a "Webinar (registered)" filter.


    This is mandatory, and it will be validated when trying to save the email with the token in the body

    edit Segment

  5. Add the Contact to the Segment manually or by running php bin/console mautic:segments:update

  6. Create a new Segment Email and assign the previously created segment.

    new Segment Email

  7. Open the email Builder and insert the GotoWebinar Join Button token:

    email builder

    The button can be styled by overriding the citrix-start-button CSS class.

    .citrix-start-button {
    background: green !important;
  8. Send the email to the Segment contacts.

    send email

  9. The email arriving in the new Contact's Inbox should include a button to join the webinar with the appropiate URL for the contact.

    join webinar email

Update: How to Create a GotoWebinar Campaign From Scratch

Instructions and best practices for [Mautic] campaigns and emails in a GoToWebinar campaign - from Mautic Inc.

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