Upgrade steps

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If you want to know more about all the upgrade steps of the Mautic 3 upgrade process, this is the place to be.

The upgrade process consists of multiple steps to make it as robust as possible. If the process fails at a certain step, you can find all details about the specific error code on the Mautic 3 upgrade errors page.

If you use the web interface to do the upgrade, and you're stuck, you can always go to a specific step by adding the step code to the URL, e.g. upgrade_v3.php#buildCache. Please note that we don't support manually switching between steps, only do so when support asks you to do so!

Pre-upgrade checks

Code: preUpgradeChecks

Here, we do some checks prior to starting the upgrade, to make sure your system is compatible with the upgrade. The checks are:

  • PHP version must be 7.2 or 7.3
  • MySQL version needs to be >= 5.7.14 or MariaDB >= 10.1
  • Is custom api_rate_limiter_cache set? TODO add docs
  • Is Mautic's root directory writable?
  • Are there items in the spool/default folder? This indicates that there are still emails in the queue
  • Is the free disk space at least 2x the current Mautic 2 installation?
  • Do you at least have Mautic 2.16.3 installed?
  • Is PHP's max_execution_time either 0 (unlimited) or > 240? If not, we try to set it, if that doesn't work, we show an error
  • Is mysqldump available for creating database backups?
  • Is there a Mautic 3 upgrade package available for download?
  • Is the upgrade "kill switch" activated? (Mautic's Product Team can enable a Kill Switch which will show a warning to users that there might be problems with the upgrade. Read more HERE (TODO))
  • Are there any custom plugins installed? If yes, we show a warning that users should check if those plugins are compatible with Mautic 3 or temporarily disable them
  • Get the amount of available database migrations. If that fails, we show a warning
  • Check if the platform is Windows. If it is, we show a warning that cache creation is significantly slower on this platform and that the user should be extra patient.
  • Is PHP's memory_limit equal to or higher than 256M? If not, we try to set it, if that doesn't work, we show an error

1. Start upgrade

Code: startUpgrade

Starts the upgrade and starts logging things as well. In case something goes wrong, you can send us your log file so that we can assist further.

2. Database backup

Code: backupDatabase

If mysqldump is available, we create a database backup. Especially on shared hosts this function might not be available.

3. Apply Mautic 2 database migrations

Code: applyV2Migrations

During this stage we are applying any database migration is that remain outstanding for your Mautic 2.16.3 instance. This can sometimes happen if a previous update has not completed successfully. It is important that your database has all of the updates required before we proceed.

4. Download Mautic 3 upgrade package

Code: fetchUpdates

In this stage we are downloading the Mautic 3 upgrade package from the server.

5. Extract Mautic 3 files

Code: extractUpdate

In this stage we are extracting the files from the upgrade package and saving them into a folder which we will then use for your migration.

6. Move Mautic 2 files into backup folder, move Mautic 3 files into root folder

Code: moveMautic2and3Files

This is where a lot of magic happens. A complete backup is taken of your Mautic 2 installation, after which we move Mautic 3 files into place.

7. Update config/local.php with new configuration parameters

Code: updateLocalConfig

A few configuration parameters have changed in Mautic 3; the upgrade script automatically updates them for you if necessary. To get an overview of all changes configuration parameters, see our update doc.

8. Apply Mautic 3 database migrations

Code: applyMigrations

The database structure has slightly changed in Mautic 3. As part of the standard update process in Mautic, we check for database migrations and execute those.

9. Restore user data (plugins/themes/media)

Code: restoreUserData

If you had any custom plugins/themes/media installed in Mautic 2, this step will restore those in Mautic 3 by copying them over to the "new" Mautic 3 folder.

10. Cleanup

Code: cleanupFiles

In this step, we clean up some of the installation files.

11. Build Mautic 3 cache

Code: buildCache

Mautic always prepares cache the first time you start it, so that it runs faster on subsequent requests. In this step, we prepare the cache, so that you'll be able to get started easily and quickly.

12. Finish

Code: finished

Cleans up some last files, and allows the user to open Mautic 3.

A last step that is offered at the end of the upgrade, is to remove backup files. The user is advised to remove the backup files as soon as possible; this step also removes the upgrade script itself.

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