Getting started

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Are you ready for Mautic 3? Let's get started!

I don't want to upgrade to Mautic 3 yet, how do I turn off the upgrade notification?

That's absolutely fine! This is handy, for example, when you use custom plugins that aren't ready for Mautic 3 (yet). Go to app/config/local.php and add the following setting there:

'block_mautic_3_upgrade'    => true,

Then, clear your cache. The Mautic 3 upgrade notification will now disappear. If it doesn't disappear immediately, you can run app/console mautic:update:find on the command line so that it's hidden immediately.

Choose your update method (web interface or CLI)

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Updating cron jobs

Because there are significant changes in Mautic 3's file structure, you will need to upgrade your cron jobs.


app/console mautic:segments:update

should now be:

bin/console mautic:segments:update