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This new inbound channel was added in Mautic 2.1. It allows Mautic users to embed gated videos in their websites, landing pages, and anywhere else the mautic tracking javascript is installed. In Mautic, a gated video is one that plays for a set amount of time then pauses the video in order to show a form that, when submitted, will capture the lead information then continue to play the video from where it was paused.

Using Gated Video

Gated videos are not an entity within Mautic; they do not have a menu item. Gated videos can be embedded in your landing page content or in your website that has the Mautic tracking javascript installed.

jQuery and Vimeo's Froogaloop javascript libraries are required for this feature to function. They will be automatically inserted into your landing page if videos are detected.

Any <video> tag found by the javascript that has a data-form-id and data-gate-time attribute will be treated as a gated video by the Mautic javascript. The simplest way to embed a gated video is to embed the HTML below on a page where the Mautic tracking javascript is installed.

Keep in mind that you should replace the data-form-id with a valid form id from your Mautic installation and that data-gate-time should be set to the desired time (in seconds) when you would like to pause the video after it has started to play. The type attribute on the <source> tag can be one of video/youtube, video/vimeo, or video/mp4. When using video/youtube or video/vimeo, you can use the URL found in your browser address bar as the URL to place in the src attribute. When using video/mp4, you must use the full URL to the actual mp4 file location in order to use the gated video feature.

<video width="640" height="360" data-form-id="1" data-gate-time="15">
    <source type="video/youtube" src="" />

Note: Mautic only supports <video> elements with proper <source> elements in it for the gated video functionality. Mautic ignores all video tags that don't have the data-form-id and data-gate-time attributes

If the form you've chosen to display has the Successful Submit Action set to Display Message and you've entered text into the Redirect URL/Message text box on the form edit screen, that message will be displayed for 3 seconds.

To use a gated video on your landing page, simply click into a textarea in your template builder, and you will see the Froala editor pop up. In the top row, next to the Insert Image icon, is the Insert Gated Video icon. Click that, and you can then use the modal that opens to insert gated videos into your landing page.

Tracked videos (Mautic 2.9.1 and above)

Mautic allow track contacts play/stop/time length action without gated feature. Any <video> tag found by the javascript that has a data-mautic-video="true" attribute will be treated as a tracked video by the Mautic javascript.

<video width="640" height="360" data-mautic-video="true">
    <source type="video/mp4" src="https://example.tld/video.mp4" />

CMS Plugins

The gated video feature of Mautic is simplified by using one of our CMS plugins. We have CMS plugins for WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Grav, and Concrete5. When using the CMS plugin to embed video content, be sure that you have installed the latest version of the plugin for your CMS of choice. Once installed, you can use the syntax below to embed gated videos into your content.

WordPress, Grav

[mautic type="video" form-id="1" gate-time="15" src="" width="640" height="320"]

Drupal, Joomla

{mautic type="video" form-id="1" gate-time="15" src="" width="640" height="320"}

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