Customize preference center

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It is possible to customize the personal Preference Center/unsubscribe page and edit text labels, format and apply themes using the landing page builder.

Creating a Preference Center Landing Page

When creating/editing a landing page, there is a toggle switch labeled Is Preference Center. If selected, the page will be marked as a preference center landing page.


When PR#7915 is merged it will be labeled Set as preference center page

When this page is configured as a preference center in a Mautic Email, recipients will be shown the page when clicking on the {unsubscribe_url} link. It also shows or hides the Preference Center slots in the builder.

is Preference Center

Builder slots

These slots in the builder are used to customize the page:

builder slots


Optionally, you can use tokens to insert the different slots. Keep in mind that if you use tokens, you lose the ability to customize the labels and styles of the slots because it uses the default ones.


See the VARIABLES page for a full list of tokens.

To finish, don't forget to include a "save preferences" button, otherwise the preferences can't be saved:

save preferences button

Save the page and the Preference Center landing page is ready.

Landing Pages

Now in the landing pages list, the icon with the little cog indicates that the page is a Preference Center one.

landing page cog

When viewing a Preference Center page, there is a header indicating its purpose and the page URL is not available, only the preview URL.

view Preference Center page

Setting Preference Center Pages in Emails

When creating or editing an email, you can select the Preference Center page from the list as shown:

setting Preference Center page

Keep in mind that your mail must use the same langugage as the Preference Center landing page - if not, default Preference Center will be shown.

Now when the email is sent, all recipients will be able to click on the Unsubscribe link ({unsubscribe_text} and {unsubscribe_url}) and the new Preference Center page will be displayed.

new pref center page

If no Preference Center page is selected in an email, the default page is displayed.

default Preference Center page

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