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Campaign conditions are used to execute different actions based on a Contact's data. For example, a condition can be configured to execute an action if a Contact has a valid email address or do something else if they do not.

A condition has two paths that are denoted by the red and green points.

  • Actions attached to the green point Icon showing the positive path (green) of a condition are executed if positive or affirmative conditions occur. The path is triggered immediately that the positive condition occurs, with the connected action taking into account any delay that is set on the path (trigger, delay or send on a specific date). For example, if the email is opened, send a follow-up email 2 days later.

  • Steps attached to the red point Icon showing the negative path (red) of a condition are executed if the condition does not occur, and is usually associated with a time delay. For example, a Contact does not open the email within 7 days. This path is executed if the condition is negative following any delay set (trigger, delay or send on a specific date).

    Here are the different conditions that Mautic offers in the Campaign Builder:

    Contact campaignsChecks if the Contact is a member of another Campaign
    Contact deviceChecks if the Contact has interacted with your Campaign from a specific device type, brand, or OS
    Contact field valueChecks if the information matches the selected criteria on the Contact record, the Contact’s primary Company, or UTM tags
    Contact ownerChecks if the selected user is assigned as the Contact’s owner
    Contact segmentsChecks if the Contact is a member of selected Segments
    Contact tagsChecks if specified Tags are on the Contact record
    Form field valueChecks if values submitted for a selected field on a selected Form matches specified criteria
    Has active notificationChecks if an active web notification has been sent to the Contact
    Has valid email addressChecks if the Contact’s email address has a valid syntax, that is, [email protected] without spaces, other invalid characters or formats.

    If you set a delay manually on the condition itself, this will be respected before passing down to a delay on any connected action. For example, if you are coming from a negative path on 'Opens Email', you can set a condition of 'has active notification' with a relative date of 1 day, followed by 'Send Email' on the negative path with a relative date of 2 days. Mautic will check after 1 day if there is an active notification and if there is not, it will schedule the email to be sent two days later.

Using a custom date field to trigger a Campaign

In the condition based on a Contact field value, select the required date field. Then select date as the operator and select the required value from the drop-down list.

In the Anniversary option, you can only enter the day and month values.

Since Campaign conditions are evaluated immediately, if the date in the field matches the condition, then the positive action is executed. If the date doesn’t match, the negative action is executed. The Contact does not wait for the condition to be true.

In order to run Campaigns based on a particular date where a Contact may or may not be "included" today:

  • create a segment with a filter where the date field = TODAY.
  • initiate the Campaign based on that Segment.
  • as Contacts move in and out of the Segment, the Campaign will run.
  • you can eliminate the condition since the Segment is changing daily.

This will NOT work for the Anniversary option.

If a Contact appears again at a later date in that Segment because the value of the date has changed, then the Contact will go through the Campaign only once and hence will NOT be included in the Campaign again.

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